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Conveyor Belt, Brushes, Fencing Wires, Welded Mesh, Vineyard Wire, Poultry Cages, Push & Pull Cables, Strand For Ropes & Mechanical Control Cable

Our technically advanced manufacturing process, combined with advanced process control, ensures conversion from raw material to a final product of the highest quality.

Garg Inox high carbon steel wire production facilities include substantial galvanising and patenting heat treatment Processes.

The High Carbon Steel Wires are available in 2 types of Finishes :

  • Galvanized (Bright)
  • Non-Galvanized (Black)
Raw MaterialSAE 1035 -1085
Diameter of Wire0.15 - 3.50 mm
Tensile Strength1000 - 2500 N/mm2
Weight of Coil100 - 700 kgs
Zinc Coating30 - 220 gms/m2
Standards Followed
Confirming IS4454 (Spring)
Confirming IS1835 (Wire Rope)
Confirming BS EN10264-2 (Wire Rope & Conveyor Belt)
Confirming BS EN10257 (Fencing)
Confirming BS EN10257 - 1 (Mechanical Spring)
Confirming Din2.78 (Steel Wire Rope)