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1 . Manufacturing Process

  • Raw Material Handling Plant ( RMHP)
  • Coke Ovens and Coal Chemical Plant
  • Sinter Plant
  • Blast Furnace
  • Steel Melt Shop and Continuous Casting
  • Light and Medium Merchant Mill
  • Wire Rod Mill
  • Steel Melt Shop
  • In house power plant

2 . Quality and Environment

A leading manufacturer of steel wires and bars serving business and industries in India and serving 50 countries across the globe, GARG INOX follows strict quality policy in manufacturing its extensive range of steel wires and TMT bars for the best finished product quality while aligning to its commitment to environmental protection and social welfare. The Quality and Environmental norms at GARG INOX follow following quality norms and processes.

Quality Testing and Concern
Environmental Concern and Protection

A . Processes

GARG Inox in order to provide efficient and world class quality steel wire and bar products follow a strict quality policy at every stage of its production, ranging from designing, manufacturing, packing, supplying and marketing. An ISO certified organization, GARGInox has world class facility equipped with most advanced machinery and highly educated and experienced team of engineers and technicians to deliver the steel wires and bars exactly fitting to the steel wire and bars need of technology driven modern businesses involved in automotive, infrastructure, power and retail activities.

To regulate its policy of quality driven processes and resultant products, GargInox follow the quality assurance system based on following principles:-

  • To be regulated and implemented at each and every stage of company’s activities.
  • Driving each member of the organization towards quality performance.
  • Working in tandem, exhibiting extreme level of solidarity and commitment at teamwork.
  • Assuming customer satisfaction to be the top most priority at every level of business activity.

Further, GARGINOX has implemented a policy of continuous improvement and development to its quality policy by investing in new technologies, implementing new management systems and specialization for consistent, seamless quality driven business results.

B . Quality Testing and Regulation

Adhering to its strict quality policy and consistent product delivery, GargINOX has an advanced laboratory and testing facility with most advanced laboratory machines and qualified researchers and scientist to test the quality of samples of manufactured steel wires and bars on parameters of strength, consistency and durability.

At our research labs, we keep on innovating and inventing in order to introduce our new products and for the betterment of existing products. We aim for best products with cost effectiveness to attain higher customer satisfaction intensifying international pressure.
We follow below mentioned procedures for quality testing and regulation at our quality testing labs: (Details Required)

3 . Environmental Concern and Protection

In all our process and mechanisms adopted by us to ensure a magnificent and efficient production of quality steel wires and bars at our modern and advance facilities, we ensure that our business activities and processes are environmental friendly and are within the manufacturing norms of eco-friendliness.

In executing our manufacturing activities, we use maximum of green power energy. Our operation runs under the parameters of the ISO 9001:2008 standard for quality management in production, installation and after sales services.

Thus our environmental responsibilities are driven by its commitment to preserve the environmental assets and remain integral to the way it does business. Some of the salient features of our environmental policies are:-

  • Garg INOX effectively implements its policy towards environmental concern and protection, while efficiently using natural resource & energy during production processes. In addition, it keeps on strengthening its process measures to reduce and prevent pollution, promote waste management and recycling.
  • We perform time-to-time evaluation and assessment of impact made by our environmental policy. However, the manufacturing facilities of GARG INOX are situated in idyllic location surrounded with natural greenery.
  • It indulges into environmental protection efforts by initiating and participating into activities for forestation as well as landscaping. We regularly motivate and sensitize our employees, contractors, vendors and business partners towards preserving bio-diversity and ecological balance.
  • To regularly follow our commitment toward environmental protection, we define objectives which target’s developments and maintain management norms to continue with our policies.